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Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? Your Ultimate Guide


Tour Edge Golf manufactures Tour Edge Clubs. This Illinois-based company specializes in producing high-quality golf equipment.

Tour Edge, founded in 1986 by David Glod, is a renowned golf club brand recognized for its innovative craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. With a reputation for creating some of the most forgiving and high-performing clubs on the market, Tour Edge caters to both amateur and professional golfers.

The brand consistently pushes the envelope in golf technology, offering a diverse range of products that include drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, and putters. Golf enthusiasts trust Tour Edge for their reliable and advanced golf clubs, which come with a unique lifetime warranty, ensuring golfers are investing in clubs of enduring quality and performance.

Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? Your Ultimate Guide


Introduction To Tour Edge Golf Clubs



Tour Edge, a key player in the golf industry, stands for innovation, quality, and affordability. Since its inception in 1986, Tour Edge has carved a niche among golf enthusiasts. Known for high-performance golf clubs that do not break the bank, Tour Edge clubs cater to amateur and professional golfers. Tour Edge clubs prove that top-tier golf equipment can be accessible and excellent.

The Rise Of Tour Edge In The Golf Industry

Founded by golf pro-David Glod, Tour Edge made a splash with its first product line. Commitment to cutting-edge technology and savvy marketing has fueled their rise. They’ve earned a reputation for offering an alternative, pricier industry giants. Tour Edge promises the perfect blend of performance and value with each cl

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ub with each club, a formula that has won over golfers worldwide.


Overview Of Tour Edge Product Lines

  • Exotics Series: Tour Edge’s premier line boasts advanced technology and Edge’s sails.
  • Hot Launch Series: Targets game improvement with forgiving designs for all player levels.
  • Bazooka Series: Provides user-friendly options, making golf accessible to novices.
  • Lady Edge: Explicitly crafted for women, combining style with optimized performance.

The Philosophy Behind Tour Edge Design And Manufacturing

Quality is critical at Tour Edge. A blend of hand-crafting and advanced manufacturing ensures each club meets stringent standards. They stand by their products with an unprecedented lifetime warranty. Tour Edge continues innovating, incorporating feedback from tour professionals and everyday golfers. This dedication to improvement and accessibility defines their industry presence.

Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? Your Ultimate Guide


The People Behind Tour Edge

Understanding the people who make Tour Edge golf clubs is essential. From its founder to the artisans, they represent a blend of passion, expertise, and innovation. These are the hands that shape your game.

Founder And Key Figures In Tour Edge History

In 1986, David Glod set out to create high-quality golf equipment. He believed in cutting-edge technology without cutting out value. Today, David remains at the helm, guiding his brainchild to global recognition.

  • David Glod: Visionary Founder & President
  • John Craig: Chief Designer
  • Patrick Olney: Chief Operating Officer

The Design Team’s Expertise And Backgrounds

Tour Edge’s design team iss a melting pot of talent.EngineEdge’s golf professionalse collaborate to create clubs that offer peak performance.

The backgrounds are diverse but united by one goal: to make the best golf clubs.

  1. Advanced engineering degrees
  2. Collaborations with PGA professionals
  3. Continuous training and upskilling

Skilled Craftsmanship: The Manufacturing Workforce

The manufacturing team is where the magic happens. Expert artisans with steady hands create each club. They ensure every product meets Tour Edge’s high standards.

Modern facilities house the workforce. Each club undergoes a rigorous quality check before it reaches your golf bag.

Role Responsibilities Skills
Craftsman Assembling clubs Precision
Quality Inspector Testing products Detail-oriented
Machine Operator Creating components Technical expertise

Manufacturing Process Of Tour Edge Clubs

The Manufacturing Process of Tour Edge Golf Clubs stands out for its detailed approach to creating high-quality golf equipment. Each club undergoes a precise journey from concept to course. Let’s delve into how these state-of-the-art golf clubLet’s crafted to perfection.

In-house Design And Prototyping

Tour Edge highly values innovation and originality in its golf club design. The process begins with a skilled team of designers brainstorming and sketching out new club ideas.

  • Designers use advanced software to visualize clubs.
  • Virtual models are transformed into physical prototypes.
  • Testing of prototypes refines the final design.

Prototyping in-house allows for quick adjustments and exceptional customization.

Material Selection And The Role Of Technology

Choosing the suitable materials is crucial for premium golf clubs. Tour Edge uses:

  • Lightweight, high-strength metals for clubheads.
  • Graphite and steel for shafts to suit diverse playing styles.
  • Durable rubber and synthetic materials for grips.

Technology is pivotal in material testing to guarantee longevity and power, ensuring each swing is backed by science.

Quality Control And Testing: Ensuring Top Performance

Strict quality control is the backbone of Tour Edge’s success. Each club must pass the following:

  1. Detailed inspectEdge’sor material defects.
  2. Robot testing to simulate real-life use.
  3. Performance checks by professional golfers.

Top performance is a promise with every Tour Edge golf club, as thorough testing confirms excellence.

Tour Edge’s Presence In The Golfing World

Tour Edge’s PresEdge in the Golfing World shines brightly, Edge’s soon for performance and innovation. In 1986, Tour Edge crafted top-tier golf clubs catering to every golfer’s needs. Whether you’re starting out or fine-tuning your game, their commitment to quality without an exorbitant price tag has made them uniquely ubiquitous on greens around the globe.

Adoption By Professional Golfers And Coaches

Elite golfers and renowned coaches embrace Tour Edge for its precision and reliability. The brand boasts an impressive roster of professional golfers who choose Tour Edge clubs for competition. This adoption by professionals cements the brand’s reputation for performance champ brand’s Champbrand’s PGA Tours.

  • Endorsed by top golf instructors
  • Regular sightings in significant tournaments

Impact On Amateur And Casual Golf

Tour Edge golf clubs are not just a pro favorite; they have also transformed the amateur game. Their approachable pricing and forgiving club design make them ideal companions for the casual player, resulting in a more enjoyable and successful game for golfers at any skill level.

  1. Increases confidence on the course
  2. Improves shot accuracy and distance for players
  3. Enhances overall golfing experiences

Tour Edge’s Outreach And Support For The Golf Community

GiEdge’sack is rooted deep within Tour Edge’s ethos. Their outreach initiatives foster commuEdge’sngagement and grow the love for the sport. Tour Edge’s commitment to golf stretches well beyond the fEdge’s through sponsorships, educational clinics, and charity events.

Initiative Impact
Sponsorships Support for events and athletes
Educational Clinics In-depth golf education
Charity Events Contributions to worthy causes

Choosing The Right Tour Edge Golf Club

Finding the perfect Tour Edge golf club is an exciting journey. With a range of models designed for different skill levels and playing styles, Tour Edge offers quality choices for every golfer. Let’s explore how to select the right Tour Edge club Let’senhances your game to its fullest potential.

Understanding The Different Models And Their Suitability

Tour Edge crafts a variety of golf clubs to match specific needs. Discovering the model that fits your game is crucial.

  • Exotics: For advanced players seeking superior performance.
  • Hot Launch: Ideal for mid to high-handicappers focusing on forgiveness.
  • Bazooka: Perfect for beginners looking for easy-to-hit clubs.

Custom Fitting Options

A custom-fitted Tour Edge club can transform your play. Tour Edge offers a personalized fitting experience to tailor clubs to your size, shape, and swing. Here’s a table highlighting what to expect:

Custom FiHere’sAspect Impact on Play
Grip Size Ensures comfortable, secure grip.
Shaft Flex Matches swing speed for optimal performance.
Club Length Aligns with height for better control.

Where To Buy And What To Consider

Selecting the right retailer is as important as choosing the club itself. Factors to weigh include:

  1. Authorized Dealers: Ensure authenticity and warranty coverage.
  2. Customer Service: Look for knowledgeable staff willing to assist.
  3. Return Policy: Flexibility if the club doesn’t suit you.

You can purchase Tour Edge clubs that don’t shop: Test and buy on the spot.

  • Online Stores: Convenience and often a more comprehensive selection.
  • Second-hand Markets: Budget-friendly, but check club condition.

Future Of Tour Edge

Peering into the future, Tour Edge stands on the precipice of thrilling advancements. This golf powerhouse already sets the course ablaze with top-tier clubs. Exciting innovations and savvy market expansions paint a bright horizon for the brand. Let’s delve into what awaits Tour Edge enthusiasts anLet’s golfing sphere.

Innovations On The Horizon

The design labs at Tour Edge never rest. Next-gen materials and cutting-edge technologies drive their mission. New product lines boasting superior performance are in the works. Golfers anticipate drivers and irons with greater precision and enhanced playability.

Expansion Plans And Market Trends

Global outreach is a priority for Tour Edge. New markets beckon as they plan to bring their clubs to more countries. Investments in e-commerce and partnerships with leading retailers aim to broaden their footprint. Observing market trends, Tour Edge aligns its strategy with the evolving needs of golfers worldwide.

Sustainability And Environmental Concerns In Production

Eco-friendly practices take center stage in production. Tour Edge commits to a greener future with sustainable materials and processes. Initiatives include waste reduction, recycling programs, and energy-efficient operations. Their dedication is a nod to responsible manufacturing and respect for our planet’s resources.

Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? Your Ultimate Guide


Frequentlplanet’sQuestions For Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs

Do Any Pros Use Tour Edge?

Yes, some professional golfers use Tour Edge equipment and are attracted by its high-quality clubs and innovative technology.

What Does The E And C Mean In Tour Edge Golf Clubs?

The “E” in Tour Edge golf clubs stands for Exotics, repre”e”ting their premium line. The “C” signifies the Hot Launch C Series for players see”i”g game improvement features.

What Clubs Does Bernhard Langer Use?

Bernhard Langer typically uses a mix of Adams and Titleist clubs, including Titleist drivers, Adams hybrids, and Artisan wedges. He also prefers an Odyssey putter for his short game.

What’s In The Bag Mike Weir?

Mike Weir’s golf bag typWhat’s includes a driver, fairway Weir’s irons, wedges, a putter, and golf balls. Specific brands and models may vary based on sponsorships and personal preference. Always check the latest tour equipment listings for updates on his current setup.


Tour Edge golf clubs are the result of a dedication to innovation and quality. Crafted in the USA, they embody precision and performance for golfers at any skill level. Discover the difference with Tour Edge and experience their commitment to excellence on the course.

Embrace your game’s potential. Choose Tour Edge.



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